March, 13 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Afghanistan is boiling while, corrupt businessman Tony is rejoicing

Terrorism can’t be rooted out unless illegal arms smugglers are prisoned or punished

Earlier weapons were manufactured for wars, but in the modern era, wars are created to increase the purchase of weapons. There are some people like Tony Abi Saab of Lebanon who fuel violence and conflicts in vulnerable regions as per their own needs and greed.

The US authorities exposed a Lebanese businessman, Tony Abi Saab who deals in arms, to be indulging in war crimes. His company Brescia Middle East in Lebanon is an international arms and weapons dealer that used to bid for military contracts and secretly, par-timed with terrorist organizations. BME was founded by Tony’s father Joseph Abi Saab in 1981 as a company to sell hunting guns.

Tony was indicted and BME was banned in the US in 2011 on the charges of money laundering, fraud of 5 million dollars, supplying weapons to the terrorist organization for the profit and running several ghost companies (K5 Global, Bennet-Fouch, G2 Armory, Brixia, Tactica-Ltd, and SIMAINT) in the Middle East. Other members of the Abi Saab family are also indulged in committing crimes, one of the criminals is Raymond Azar. Tony and Raymond are close family relatives. Joseph’s wife is a blood-sister of Raymond’s wife.

Tony partnered with convicted Raymond Azar, also the President of a multimillion dollars fraud company Sima Salazar. The company duped the US Corps of Engineer in construction contracts fraud in Afghanistan. They together set up several ghost companies to fraud the money of the US military. Tony-owned companies--K5 Global and Bennet-Fouch embezzled 5 million dollars by using the fake name Sarah Lee. These companies were sub-contractors of Sima Salazar and Tony's company Tactica-Ltd. These ghost companies disappeared since exposed by the US investigation team.

Tony and Raymond fooled the US authorities for many years until in a Global sting operation both the fraudsters were caught in different years. In 2009, Raymond was arrested and later convicted for bribery, conspiracy, and fraud to the US Army. He served ten years in jail and paid the penalty of $14 million. Tony was arrested in 2011 but couldn't get the same punishment as Raymond as he tricked the justice system by pleading human rights violation in the civil court of the USA. He also accused the CIA and the FBI of tampering evidence, and due to a technicality in the circuit court, he was freed.

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